InStat – FAQ

1. Is it Safe?

Yes, we don’t keep any of your personal data and don’t share it with your third parties. You’ve been logged into your Instagram account using official Instagram web-page. All your account statistic data is stored locally on your device and not shared even between all your iOS devices connected to the same Apple ID (via iCloud sharing).

2. How often I can perform analysis?

You can do it once per 6 hours. We suggest you to do it twice per day: in the morning and in the evening.

3. Why I can’t start new analysis?

Make sure that the lat analysis was done 6 hours. The app will tell you when you’ll be able to start it again.

4. What kind of data I can see?

InStat allows you to view your account detailed statistic for your Followers, Followings and Posts during the specific period:

  • Current day (in comparison to previous record when analyse was done);
  • Last 7 days (records);
  • Last 30 days (records).

5. What are the Charts data?

All Week and Month statistics are provided as charts. Charts are representing how your data was changed during the Week/Month period. Some of the summaries are displayed as accumulated data (f.e. total new followers), but the other can display the final value (f.e. total followers).

6. What is included into Pro functionality?

With Pro functionality you see a plenty of useful data related to your Instagram account:

  1. Remove Ads.
    • Unfollowed;
    • Funs;
    • Ghosts;
    • Active;
    • Inactive.
  3. Followings:
    • Blocked me.
  4. Posts:
    • New Likes;
    • Top Liked;
    • Comments;
    • New Comments;
    • Top Commented.

7. How to unlock Pro functionality?

You can unlock it by going to Home Screen -> Menu -> Pro Version.

Pro functionality is provided as Apple Subscription. You can pick among 4 types of subscriptions:

  • Trial + Monthly;
  • Monthly;
  • 6-month (save 15%);
  • Annual (save 33%).

See also: InStat — Terms of Use.

8. I already have an active subscription plan, but Pro functionality isn’t available.

In this case you have to Restore Purchase by going to Home Screen -> Menu -> Pro Version -> Restore Purchase.